Assessment of the quantity of carpet required

Before starting your project, it is important to carefully calculate the amount of material you will need. Here's how:
1. Estimate the area to be covered, in square feet; to do this, divide your measurements in square feet by 9.
2. Add approximately 10% to total square footage obtained. Certain factors such as the width of the rolls and the matching of the patterns can lead to a loss of 5 to 20%. 3. The larger the pieces, the lower the losses will be.
4. Multiply the result obtained by the unit price of the product of your choice and add the installation cost if applicable.
5. Have your calculations checked by an expert before ordering. This first step is only used to establish the budget for the work.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring
• Soft and comfortable
• Soundproofing
• Large choice of colors and textures
• Effectively masks certain imperfections in the floor on which it is installed
• Contrary to popular belief, it traps dust

Maintenance rules and preservation guidelines for a carpet floor

The carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week and ensure that the device has good suction power. It should also be thoroughly cleaned by professionals once a year. The carpet treated against stains will be much easier to maintain.

Remove stains immediately!

In four simple steps, you can remove most beverage or food stains:
• Remove most of what has been spilled on the carpet, using a knife or a spoon.
• Sponge the surface, without RUBBER, using a well-absorbent white cloth, to remove as much liquid as possible.
•If the stain is caused by a liquid, use carbonated water as an emergency cleaner (soda or sparkling mineral water, but NOT SOFT DRINKS). Pour a little soda water over the blotted stain, let sit for a while, then blot again to loosen. NEVER RUB. Repeat as needed.
• Gently brush the fibers and let dry.

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