Return Policy

Are you wondering if your product can be returned? Ask yourself the following question: Is my product currently in stock or is it a special order?

  • If you product is in stock, it can be returned within 30 days of you picking it up in store. You must have your original receipt and must not have opened the box(es) the product came in. It is important to properly store the products you purchase. If this is not the case, Lanctôt Floor Design Center reserves the right to refuse the return of any goods that have been damaged or incorrectly stored.
  • No special order products can be returned.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your consultant to clarify any aspects of our return policy that you are unsure of.

How to avoid a return?

If you have a surplus of product after the installation of your new flooring and you don’t know what to do with it, consider the following points before thinking about returning the products in store:

  • Future needs (should damage occur and you need to replace a section of your flooring, you will already have the materials you need to do so).
  • Renovating/redesigning another room.

Ways to avoid product surplus

  • If you have difficulty evaluating the quantity of materials you need to complete your project, leave the measuring to an expert or the person installing the flooring. They will be able to accurately evaluate the quantity of materials needed to avoid any surplus.
  • When having us measure a room, make sure to move all furniture, boxes or any other items that could prevent our employees from properly doing their job once they arrive on site. Access to the subfloor, when possible, will allow us to make a better assessment of your project, if applicable.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the person taking measurements any questions you or express any doubts you may have concerning your project.

In need of an installation?

  • Our consultants will be happy to explain all the different options available for your project.
  • The day of your installation, make sure that the room is free of any obstacles or debris that might hinder the success of the project.
  • If you are responsible for preparing the floor, make sure that this is done before the installers arrive. Should you have questions regarding the preparation of your floors, do not hesitate to contact us.

What to know before the delivery

  • Do not hesitate to confirm all the information in your file with your consultant upon the purchase of your product. This information will be crucial when it comes time to deliver your products.
  • At the time of delivery, make sure to check that you have received the correct product for your project (colour, size, quantity, etc.).
  • If you live in a condo building, be sure to inform us of any restrictions or particular conditions (reserved parking, reservation of lifts or elevators, etc.) that may impede the delivery or installation.
  • Access to your home must be free of all obstacles. During winter, any entryways must be cleared of snow or ice, which might compromise the safety of our employees.
  • Plan for an appropriate location to store your products (it should be dry, without excessive humidity).
  • As it is impossible for us to provide you with an exact delivery time, please make sure that you are on location for the day of delivery. It is important for you to provide us with a phone number that we can easily reach you at. 
  • Should any unexpected circumstances arise, contact us as soon as possible. If our delivery people arrive at your home and cannot complete the delivery, it will be rescheduled to a later date. 
  • If you still have a balance to pay on your bill, be prepared to pay the remaining amount upon delivery (check, credit card).

Maintaining your floor

  • Properly maintaining your floor is important in increasing its longevity. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to choose the best product to clean your floors.