Comfort White Oak

Comfort White Oak

Comfort White Oak

Thickness and width

Assessment of the amount of wood required

Before starting your project, it is important to carefully calculate the amount of material you will need. Here's how:

Estimate the area to be covered, in square feet.
Add about 5%, to cover losses, after taking your measurements in feet.
Multiply the result obtained by the price per square foot of the product of your choice; add installation cost if applicable.
Check how the wood you want to install is sold. Often these products can only be purchased in full cartons.
Have your calculations checked by an expert before ordering. This first step only serves to establish the budget for the work.

Maintenance rules and wood preservation guidelines

The finish of the wooden slats does not increase their hardness, nor their resistance to shocks or compression. This is why animal claws, stiletto heels or any pointed, sharp or heavy object, as well as objects falling on a wooden floor are likely to leave marks or damage it.

• Vacuum your wood floors often to quickly remove all abrasives (sand, glass shards, crystals, shavings, etc.) that could scratch the varnish.
• Use only cleaning products recommended by your floor manufacturer.
• Never use wax, detergent or oil-based soap on the floor.
• Cleaning varnished floors with a mixture of water and vinegar is not recommended, because over time, vinegar has an oxidizing effect on the varnish.
• Wipe up water, liquids or detergents immediately before they are absorbed into the wood fibers.

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