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Evaluation of the quantity of vinyl slats or tiles

Before starting your project, it is important to carefully calculate the amount of material you will need. Here's how:
1. Estimate the area to be covered, in square feet; to do this, divide your measurements in square feet by 9.
2. Add approximately 10% to total square footage obtained. Certain factors such as the width of the rolls and the matching of the patterns can lead to a loss of 5 to 20%. 3. The larger the pieces, the lower the losses will be.
4. Multiply the result obtained by the unit price of the product of your choice and add the installation cost, if applicable.
5. Have your calculations checked by an expert before ordering. This first step is only used to establish the budget for the work.

Advantage of a vinyl floor
• Easy to maintain
• Easy to install
• Felt
• Good choice of patterns and colors
• You can stand for long hours on a vinyl floor without feeling pain in your back, legs or knees.

Vinyl Care Rules and Preservation Guidelines

Luxury vinyl floors do not need to be waxed or polished. Simply sweep the surface and wash occasionally with a vinyl cleaner.

• Do not use detergent, abrasive cleaners, or mop-applied cleaners.
• Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a brush beater (electric broom): it may damage the surface of the floor covering.
• Do not use highly abrasive scrubbing tools.
• Do not move heavy appliances immediately after installation: the adhesive needs several days to dry completely and the casters of your appliances can cause permanent damage. If you have to, lift or drag them over scrap plywood to distribute the load.

In case of damage or if the vinyl loses its luster:
• Wipe the surface as soon as possible after food, liquid or other spills. Remove dried residue with a clean cloth dampened with the manufacturer's recommended floor stripper and cleaner (for example, Armstrong's New Beginning).
• Wash the floor with the manufacturer's recommended cleaner (for example, Armstrong's Once'n Done) or an equivalent no-rinse cleaner.

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