About us

Lanctôt Couvre-sol Design, the flooring specialist

Leader in the Quebec flooring market

As a leader in the flooring market, our mission is to put our expertise in flooring and design at the service of our customers in order to contribute to the realization of their construction or renovation project or to the creation of their dream living environment, with complete confidence.

Our passion for the business, our confidence and optimism, our desire for sustainability and our common sense when it comes to facing challenges define who we are and have colored our company culture for generations.

An agile vision, deeply human values

Our vision is to lead an agile organization that offers its customers an exceptional shopping experience, with peace of mind, in an environment that fosters creativity.

All members of our team are united around the values that have made our reputation for excellence for generations:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration

A little history

1883 - When Saint-Isidore was just a small, quiet village, Joseph-Aimé Lanctôt founded a general store that quickly became very successful. A typical general merchant of the time, he offers a wide range of products.

1920 - Côme Lanctôt, Joseph-Aimé's son, joins the general store. A visionary, Côme concentrates his commercial offer in more and more specialized products.

1940 - Paul Lanctôt, father of Denis, the current president, joins the company. His sales skills propel the company to new heights.

1948 - André Lanctôt joins the family business. André was the forerunner of the large surface area that Lanctôt Couvre-sol Design is today. In 1975, under André's leadership, a commercial division was founded.

Thanks to Côme, Paul and André, Lanctôt gradually became the floor covering specialist.

1986 - Denis, Louis and Michel, respectively Paul's and André's sons, take over the business. Lanctôt experiences a period of unprecedented growth. The trio moves the company to a commercial complex where complementary businesses, such as Ameublement Machabée and Portes et Fenêtres Verdun. At that time, the floor covering market was booming and the retail business was changing.

1998 - Michel oversees the establishment of a branch in Longueuil before retiring in 2001.

De 2001 à 2014 - Louis and Denis manage the family business. Always attentive to the needs of their customers, they reorganize the stores and review the product portfolio.

Today, under Denis' leadership, Lanctôt Couvre-sol Design continues its mission to offer the widest range of products at the best price. Supported by a dynamic fifth generation, Lanctôt now has more than 90 employees, a commercial division with 10 experienced representatives, a staircase and woodwork division, and still two branches to better serve its customers.

Faithful to tradition, but looking to the future, Lanctôt Couvre-sol Design maintains its position as a leader in the Quebec flooring industry.