An intelligent air purifying floor: Pure Genius Technology

Often due to a lack of knowledge, we give too little importance to the quality of the air we breathe inside our homes. The potential health impacts of stale air are real. For example, asthma or allergies can be symptoms associated with it. The Pure Genius technology, developed by Lauzon Flooring, is an innovation that allows for up to 85% cleaner indoor air. Find out how.

Domestic air quality 

Domestic air quality The air in a house is influenced, among other things, by the quantity of pollutants contained in everyday materials and products, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To ensure that the indoor air you breathe is healthy, you should choose products that emit as little as possible. 

 What is Pure Genius? 

Pure Genius is a patented photocatalytic technology, the result of several years of research by Swedish and Danish companies. In concrete terms, it is an air purifying agent made of titanium dioxide, activated by natural or artificial light. 

 Plancher Lauzon has been able to innovate and apply this technology to flooring by integrating active elements into their Titanium finish, which is present in several collections. This special finish transforms your floor into a tree-like air purifier. At its maximum efficiency, it allows you to clean the air as if there were 3 trees in your home. 

 Operation and efficiency 

Pure Genius is a stand-alone process. The titanium dioxide of which it is composed is activated by light, which triggers its purifying effect. The air circulation generated by movement or ventilation is sufficient to allow the active nanoparticles of titanium dioxide to come into contact with toxic contaminants in the air. Pure Genius breaks down these contaminants and converts them into healthy molecules. 

 Its effectiveness does not vary over time and does not lose performance for the life of the wood finish. The natural appearance of wood flooring is not affected in any way, but Pure Genius contributes to the health and safety of your family. 

 What are the benefits? 

 Pure Genius improves indoor air quality and contributes to your health.In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it also breaks down up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold, and reduces certain stubborn odors (cooking, cigarette smoke, etc.). The perfect floor. For more information, visit the Lauzon flooring website.