Ceramic Tile: 2019 Trends

Tiles are not what they used to be. They have evolved and can adapt to changing times. Here are our predictions for next year’s trends.


Several areas have already been revolutionized by 3D such as printing, virtual reality and even fashion. Now 3D tiles are making an appearance. Whether with curves, lines or shapes, 3D tiles make you feel their texture at a glance. Add this type of tile and your room with have a definite energy and originality.

Arc Dove, Cream

Metallic look

Touches of metal are a must this year in interior design. Ceramic tiles with hints of metal will give your decor character and richness. A multitude of possibilities are at your fingertips. You can mix and match tiles with metallic touches with simple or matte finish tiles. What is more magnificent that brilliance?

Scale triangolo

Magical 3

Geometric shapes

Tiles with geometric shapes are all the rage this year. They let you create unique and eye-catching visual effects. Millions of combinations can be created for a style that is eclectic, modern, contemporary, or whatever you want! Whether it is a mixture of vibrant or neutral colours, this type of tile will give your room personality. It is sure to get noticed!


Digital Art

Imitation concrete 

Imitation concrete is in the spotlight for 2019. It is ideal to create an industrial chic interior design. The resemblance is so strong that no one will dare to think that you opted for tiles. Your decor will fool even the most knowledgeable!

Wet Cement



People have been daring to use patterns for some time now with wallpaper, carpets and even tiles. Patterns are definitely in the air this year. They add a daring touch to your space and are fun to create. Whether colour or black and white patterns, one thing is sure, your decor will have loads of character.

Metro Patchwork