A Vinyl Floor: Why you shouldn’t go without one!

Vinyl floors are becoming increasingly popular and that’s saying something. Their popularity is due to their many advantages. 

 Unlike other types of flooring, vinyl comes at a very reasonable cost. Of course, like any other type of product, some models may be more expensive; however, most vinyl flooring is not. 

 A second advantage of vinyl flooring is its installation, which does not require much surface preparation, which allows for faster installation. What’s more, actually installing a vinyl floor is relatively simple, which makes it a good project for occasional renovators or DIY types. 

Vinyl flooring’s resistance to moisture is probably one of its greatest advantages that few other types of flooring can match. For this reason, it is one of the most popular types of flooring for bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. As well, if a spill occurs, there is no need to panic since vinyl handles water better than wood or a laminated ( floating) floor for example. Vinyl flooring is also resistant to surface abrasion. Due to this, and as compared to a wood or laminate floor, it will take longer for your vinyl floor to show marks caused by everyday wear. 

 Furthermore, did you know that certain types of vinyl can be installed in areas where there is a relatively intense exposure to sun? These types of vinyl are therefore the perfect product for solariums. As it can endure heat, it is also stable when it comes to differences in surface temperature, which is much appreciated by chilly little feet. 

 Another one of vinyl’s characteristics is that it is thin, which makes it an optimal flooring choice for places with height constraints, or where it is necessary to limit the transition from one type of flooring to another. You could also think that since vinyl is thin, it could be hard on your joints, but think again. Contrary to popular belief, vinyl flooring is gentle on joints. So you can stand on a vinyl floor for a long time without your knees starting to ache, unlike a ceramic or concrete floor for example. 

 In short, as you can see, there are a lot of reasons to praise vinyl flooring. The next time you are thinking about changing a floor in your home, consider vinyl, you will not be disappointed!