Carpeting Misconceptions: The Truth

Carpeting is a floor covering that has been the victim of rumours for the past several years. Its bad reputation is unfounded, since most of the stories about it are false. 

 Misconceptions about carpet

To begin, misconceptions about carpet include that it contributes to poor air quality indoors, is dirty even if it is taken care of, makes allergies and asthma worse and is more prone to developing mold than other types of flooring, which are all untrue. The truth is that, contrary to popular belief, carpet contributes to maintaining and even improving air quality inside a house. How is this possible you ask yourself? Carpeting traps allergens that the other types of flooring, such as tiles or hardwood, can’t.Carpet fibres pick up allergens and dust once they are on the ground and trap them until you vacuum. As for mold, no matter what type of flooring you have, if youhave a moisture problem underneath it, mold will develop. Mold develops anywhere moisture can be found, so there is no direct correlation between moisture and carpeting. 

 The advantages of carpeting

Considering that the most widespread misconceptions about carpeting are untrue, here is why it should be considered when considering flooring. Undeniable characteristics of carpeting are its warmth, softness and comfort, giving your house a warm, cozy feeling. What’s more, carpeting can help you save money. Yes indeed, carpeting helps to save on heating costs because it insulates your floors. On top of having insulating properties, it also has acoustic properties. It can absorb sound, making spaces quieter. It’s no wonder that walls in movie theatres are covered in carpet! 

 The anti-slip character of a carpeted floor is also unique to this type of flooring. Imagine that your children are running around the house and that one of them falls. A fall on a carpeted floor is less painful that one on a tile floor; they will thank you for it. 

 Carpeting is an easy-care, durable type of flooring. As with any other type of flooring, carpeting has to be cleaned regularly, especially since dust and allergens become trapped in it. It must be vacuumed thoroughly, not just superficially. The more you take care of your carpeting, the longer it will last. 

 Its price is also a reason why it is an excellent flooring choice. The cost of a carpet, including its installation, is lower any other type of flooring. The value for money offered by carpeting is hard to beat. 

All in all, even if it is unpopular, carpeting is an excellent choice, whether wall-to-wall, or as a stair runner. Available in several styles, colours, textures and patterns, carpeting is far from boring. Thanks to its versatility it can suit any type of décor.