Tiles: Trends for 2020

The year 2019is coming to an end. Here are the new trends in tiles for 2020 to help you prepare for your renovations.


The geometric style is still on trend, but forget hexagons and anything round. The geometric side is more focused on straight lines and linear shapes. We see a lot of frank, straight lines, such as chevrons, triangles, rectangles, etc. Subway tiles are an excellent classic example which is nonetheless being reinvented with a thinner, longer format that usual. Patterned tiles are also an integral part of the geometric trend of 2020. Whether witht he repetition of a pattern, or several random patterns, you can’t go wrong. 


Still popular in 2020 are 3D tiles. They add texture and dimension to your rooms. Pair them with a contrasting colour, or with directional lighting to further emphasize their texture. They are often used on an accent or fireplace wall. Whether with embossed patterns or tapered lines, 3D tiles will enhance the size of your space. 


This trend is surprising to more than a few. Even though terrazzo may not be the first trend that comes to mind, think again. The beauty of terrazzo is in its mix of colours, which offers endless possibilities. Terrazzo tiles or imitation terrazzo are synonyms of the 2020 design esthetic. Be daring and make your space breathtaking by following this tendency.


 Nothing is warmer than wood, and that is why imitation wood ceramic tiles will still be very popular in 2020. They allow you to add an exotic touch, as well as warmth and an organic feature to your décor.Whether on a floor or wall, imitation wood ceramic tiles add a cocooning effect to you room. Tip: to avoid feeling like you’re in a sauna, pair your tiles with a pale colour, which will contrast with the wood grain’s strong personality. 


Timeless, marble is synonymous with refinement and elegance. Less visible in than in2019, marble and marble-like effects will persist nonetheless in 2020, but will be more discreet. The marble’s veins will be less visible than before, but will add a soft, luxurious personality to your décor. That being said, you can never go wrong with marble, it’s a timeless classic. 

 Neutral colours

Neutral colours such as white, black and beige (with a hint of brown) will be very popular for 2020. Grey is not completely passé, but it is no longer predominant. All things being equal, there will still be some grey, but if you have a choice to make, it shouldn’t be at the top of your list. White and black tiles, as well as tiles in various shades of beige are what should be your priority. The neutrality of these colours will allow you to easily incorporate them into your décor. 

 Bright colours

For people for whom neutrals aren’t an option, bright colours such as red, green and blue will be very visible in 2020. Colours with joie de vivre add a touch of vibrancy to your décor.

Large formats

Large format tiles will be even more present in 2020. Of course, 12x24 tiles will still be visible, but you will see more and more 24x48, and even larger, tiles. Whether for a shower wall, or kitchen backsplash, large format tiles will add a touch of grandeur to your décor. 

 Trends are one thing, but don’t let them limit you. Be creative in your designs. Mix styles, colours and formats which will give you a unique décor that represents you.