Mosaic tiles: Various Uses

Mosaic tiles are typically used for backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom, or for shower floors. Other than these standard applications, there are all sorts of other ways to use mosaic tiles that will give your room a whole new look! You will be inspired and will want to put mosaic tiles everything in your interior! 

 Mosaic tiles are very versatile; we often underestimate just how! The infinite variety of colours, materials and finishes is incredible and makes them unique. Mosaic adds a touch of folly and colour to a space, and their uniqueness makes them an ideal choice. They are inexpensive, durable and easy to take care of. 

In a piece of furniture

Have you ever thought of using mosaics in one of your pieces of furniture? You could use them as an accent in the back of a storage cabinet, or chest of drawers. You can even use them as on a counter top, or table top. A tired piece of furniture will regain its former glory.

 Do you have alcoves in your house and you don’t knowhow to give them an innovative look? Fill the backs of your alcoves with mosaic tiles. Depending on the lighting level, you can also play with various finishes that will make them look even more unique than they already are.

 As an accent 

Do you have columns that bother you, but that you can’t remove? Cover them with a small mosaic tile and you’ll see them differently. 

Have fun with mosaic tiles by using them as an insertion. Whether in the shower, a floor, or even a wall, using them will adda refined dynamism to your décor. It is also possible to use mosaic tiles to cover a complete floor or wall. Go crazy and mix colours, finishes and types of material, the result will give your space character and you’ll get nothing but compliments.

 As decorations 

Even more unusual, you can make coasters and placemats with mosaic tiles. Imagine them on your backyard deck; they would add a touch of colour to your outdoor space and won’t fly away with the first gust of wind! Mosaic tiles are also an ideal material for Christmas decorations. The various colours and patterns would add a colourful, festive touch to your Christmas decorations. Whether it is garlands made of mosaic tiles, or your centre piece, the result will be sublime. 

 You can cover mirrors, flower pots, an in ground pool, and even the risers in your staircase. Be creative and see the infinite possibilities that mosaic tiles offer you.