The different types of vinyl backings - each one has its features

The family of vinyl flooring is very large and continues to diversify through the years. For most people, it is difficult to know which type of vinyl is right for their needs and why. It is important to know that the back of vinyl flooring consists of a membrane. 

Which mean that each backing is a membrane. It is also important to know that depending on the type of vinyl (vinyl sheet and vinyl tile or plank) the backing will be different and, of course, depending on the type of membrane the vinyl has, the price will vary. Naturally, the higher the quality of the membrane is, the more expensive the vinyl will be (compared to a vinyl without any membrane).

Vinyle sheet backing

Now that the table has been set, let usstart with the vinyl sheet backings, more commonly known as linoleum. There arethree types of backing: felt backing, cardboard backing and vinyl backing.

Felt backing

Highly appreciated for the comfort and  warmth it provides, the felted backing also makes it possible to camouflage minor imperfections in the subfloor on which it is installed. Moreover, when installed on a small surface (+/- 300 square feet), this type of flooring does not require any glue, resulting in a faster installation. The felt backing adds a certain amount of soundproofing to the floor. In short, it is all positive.

Cardboard backing

This type of backing has almost disappeared from the market. The cause: at the slightest appearance of humidity in the room, the floor covering would warp, regardless of the nature of the humidity. This explains why customers did not appreciate this type of backing. Moreover, the installation of a vinyl with cardboard backing requires glue and therefore a longer installation time.

Vinyl backing

Vinyl backings are very popular with customers since they require no glue when installed on a small surface (+/- 300 square feet). Moreover, this type of backing is available in several thicknesses, which facilitates transitions between two types of flooring. However, its only small drawback is its comfort. Being more or less cushioned, it can be less comfortable than a felt backing.

Vinyl tiles and planks backing

Now let us talk about vinyl tiles and planks. There are two main types of backings, hard backings and cushioned backings.

Hard backing

Vinyl tiles or planks categorized as hard-backed are floor coverings that simply have no backing. The backing of the product is actually the base of the vinyl tile or plank and can vary depending on the type of vinyl (SPC, WPC, etc.). Their backing is rigid and that is why they are categorized as hard backing. Despite what you might think, hard backings do not require any membrane on the subfloor. However, if you have moisture problems, it is strongly recommended that you install a membrane in order to limit possible moisture problems.

Cushioned backing

In the category of vinyl tiles and planks with cushioned backing, there are two types of backing: synthetic cushion and cork cushion. Both types of cushions are soundproof, however, the cork cushion is warmer and more insulating than the synthetic cushion. It goes without saying that cushion-backed vinyl is more expensive because of its more complex composition than hard backing. 

In conclusion, there is no such thing as abad type of vinyl backing, the important thing is to know your needs and to choose the vinyl that best meets all your needs.