Linoleum: Not to be Overlooked

Linoleum, also known as vinyl flooring or vinyl sheet, is without a doubt the floor covering that has been the victim of the greatest number of misconceptions. Despised by many, linoleum is synonymous with poor quality, is considered cheap, old fashioned, and complicated. None of these things are true and their perception only exists because of a lack of knowledge about the product.

 It is true that in the past, linoleum was more complicated because it had to be glued, stripped and waxed to ensure its durability. This is no longer the case; linoleum is a low-maintenance floor covering as compared to other types of flooring. What’s more, linoleum is much easier to change than, say, tiles. As well, linoleum is an economical choice overall because it requires both less material and labour to install. Its cost per square foot is also lower than that of tiles or wood flooring. 

Linoleum is the perfect flooring for kitchens and bathrooms because it resists both humidity and mold, and is waterproof, anti-slip and airtight. 

One of its other advantages is that it soft and comfortable underfoot. Unlike in the past, today’s linoleum has a layer of cushioning which adds a touch of comfort when you walk on it. It is also warmer and provides excellent insulation from any cold from underneath. 


Linoleum is easy and much less time consuming to install than either tiles or wood flooring because it doesn’t require much structural preparation before being laid. What’s more, most linoleum no longer requires glue when being installed, which saves time. 

 Variety of styles

Despite what you may think, there is a wide choice of linoleum with very realistic looks. It can resemble concrete, a mosaic, or even ceramic tiles.

Linoleum is a floor covering that deserves consideration when looking at flooring. You have to look past its poor reputation because it just makes sense to use it.