Hexagonal Tiles: Unlimited Design Potential

Hexagonal tiles are used many décors and for good reason. They create a beautiful look and add a certain richness. Available in many colours, patterns and sizes, they can be used in so many ways. Here are a few suggestions to help inspire you to add a hexagonal touch to your décor. 

 Define zones

A transition between two materials including hexagonal tiles makes it striking and unique. While creating this type of transition requires attention to detail and a lot of work, seeing the natural symbiosis of two materials which fit perfectly into each other is more than satisfying.

 As well, the same hexagonal tile in a different colour can be used to define different zones within a space. For example, one colour can be used in the kitchen, while in the dining room next to the kitchen, the same tile in a different colour is used. In an open-concept area where spaces are sometimes difficult to differentiate, this method defines the specificity of each space in the blink of an eye. 

Less common and just as original, you can install hexagonal tiles on half of a wall. This design will dress up your living or dining room while adding movement to the space.

 Create diversity

Using different sizes of hexagonal tiles can change the look of a room. The mix of small sizes with larger ones adds variety and can sometimes make the décor less monotonous. 

 You can also use large tiles to ensure a certain uniformity and insert smaller sizes to add more interest. 

 You can also create designs on the wall or floor with hexagonal tiles. There is no limit to what you can imagine to create unique décors and moods. 

 As an insertion

Create exclusive interiors using hexagonal tiles as insertions. Whether on your shower or bathroom wall, as a backsplash or on the floor, you will see the creative, modern look that the finished product will give your space. 

Hexagonal tiles are versatile and will make your space one worthy of being featured in a magazine. You will undoubtedly find a unique way to use hexagonal tiles in your home and be happy that you did.