Wallcoverings: Energize Your Decor

Wall coverings are a great way to add an aesthetic touch to enhance your decor. They can be changed relatively easily and offer an impeccable decorator touch to your room.People often opt for wall coverings with a rustic, natural look and for their decorative appearance. Though it is true that wall coverings are used as a protective layer, for example for a fireplace façade, it can also be decorative at the same time. A successful decor results from well-chosen wallcoverings, among other things. Due to the incredible range of wall coverings, there is no limit to your choice. Whether it is decorative natural stone, wood panels, metal tiles or concrete products, there is plenty of choice to meet all of your needs and ideas, even the most farfetched.

Decorative natural stone 

Decorative natural stones are the type of wall covering that offer the most choice in terms of colour, types of stone and finishes. The majority of decorative natural stone wall coverings are made to be installed indoors, however certain models can also be installed outdoors as well.They add a timeless, elegant touch. 

Stone laminates 

Stone laminates are similar to decorative natural stones, but are thinner and flat.They are real stones that have been sliced and then glued to fibre glass. They can only be installed indoors and their installation only requires glue and is relatively simple due to their lightness and thinness. They are available in larger sizes and it is also possible to have translucent laminated stone which can be lit up. 

Leather tiles

It is now possible to have leather elsewhere than just our sofas and chairs! There are sets of wall panels which are easy to install and perfect as a headboard for your bed. Leather tiles can also be custom made (choice of finishes, colours and shapes) which will provide you with infinite possibilities to make your decor unique. Made in Quebec and easy to install, leather tiles add a luxurious touch to your decor. 

Metal tiles

For an industrial-type decor, metal tiles are perfect. On trend, they go well with various types of decors. They look like real metal but are lighter, easy to handle, rapidly installed and are above all less expensive. They can also be made to measure and are made in Quebec. 

 Small decorative bricks

There are several types of small decorative bricks and a variety of different textures for a more realistic appearance. You can also have a 100% recycled brick wall. These would be bricks from old buildings that have been demolished which have collected and cleaned up to give them a second life! They are an excellent alternative to brick and attractive for their low weight and strength. 

Concrete products

Contrary to what one may think, concrete wall coverings are made of 100% concrete and are not an imitation or another material mounted on a composite. Made in Quebec, they can be custom made so you can choose the colour and finish. Its endless possibilities are an asset and can add to any decor. 

Wood siding 

Available in various varieties of wood, finishes and colours, wood siding is without a doubt the wall covering for a successful rustic look. Requiring less preparation, installation can be done relatively easily with their tongue and groove planks. 

 Don’t limit yourself to only walls. Dare to do a headboard, a mosaic, an insertion in a wall. Add personality and character to your interior and exterior with wall coverings.