How to use wall panels

Whether for their aesthetic or practical side, wall panels are a great choice for your renovation and decoration projects. At Lanctôt, we offer panels that can be integrated into your home or business and on your walls or ceilings. Some are even entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec!

Source : Internal Medicine clinic – IWAN Design House - Behance


Two minutes on our Pinterest board will be enough for you to see how our wood panels add a wow effect to any decor. Indeed, they bring a touch of warmth and modernity thanks to the addition of texture and natural material. To match your desired style or existing decor, we offer linear and geometric models in a variety of finishes.

Easy to install and versatile, they can be easily integrated in any room of the house:
- in the bedroom as a headboard
- in the living room to embellish the television area
- in the kitchen to create a dining area or to embellish a kitchen island
- near a window to create a reading bench
- in an alcove to highlight it

The possibilities are endless!

panneau mural bois décoration rénovation

panneau mural bois décoration rénovation

Source : Simplicity Beauty – Behance

Want a breath of fresh air for your business? Adopt wall panels for :
- your reception desk
- your conference rooms
- your restaurant benches
- your consulting rooms
- and much more!

panneau mural bois décoration rénovation commercial

panneau mural bois rénovation décoration commercial

Source : Officelovin’  │  Dekter Orly – Interior Architect

You won't regret adding such a majestic touch to your environment. Need some visual inspiration? It's right here!


In addition to adding character to any decor, we love using wall panels to design distinct zones within a room by delineating space. In fact, it can be really wise to redesign your home to accommodate telecommuting, studying and working out, for example. Wall panels are a great option to create a beautiful work space in your decor and at the same time allow you to live more serenely this new reality for many of us. In fact, setting up a dedicated work area in your home will make it easier for you to have a mental break at the beginning and end of your workday, rather than sitting on your dining room table day after day. Check out our Pinterest board for some gorgeous inspiration!  

panneau mural bois décoration rénovation

Source : Simplicity Beauty – Behance

Another space we love to delineate and dress up with wall panels is the entryway, to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not all houses, apartments and condos offer a practical and harmonious entrance from the start. However, our wall panels, used with one or two well-chosen pieces of furniture, can create a functional and beautiful entrance. Check out our Pinterest board for innovative ideas!

panneau mural bois rénovation décoration entrée

Source : Hallway visualization – Oleg Knurenko - Behance

For more information, contact us or visit our store to see our samples, our experts will be able to advise you and guide you in your choices!




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