How to use large-format ceramics?

They are more and more present in magazines, television programs and their rendering are quite impressive. Their surface area, which can sometimes be more than immense, makes it possible to cover a large area with a minimum of joints. Opt for large-format ceramics and rest assured that they will bring a sense of grandeur to your decor.

That being said, how do you qualify a large-format ceramic? Tiles qualified as large format are all tiles larger than 24 "x24". There are several sizes available, but the most popular are 24" x 24", 24" x 48", 30" x30", 30" x 60", 32" x 32" and 48" x 48".However, the countdown doesn't stop there, since there are even more XL sizes available. That said, how do you integrate them into your design? Here are different ways to do so and let yourself be inspired!


Of course, ceramics is a flooring product, so it goes without saying that oversized tiles can be installed on the floor. Whether for a residential or commercial project, installing large format ceramic tiles will create a stunning visual impact. 


There are also large-format ceramics specific to walls with which you can make beautiful decorations. Think of a fireplace wall covered with a single ceramic tile or a kitchen backsplash. It is also possible to make a shower wall with a single tile. There are few limits to what you can do with your walls!


Large-format ceramics are not only for floors and walls, but can also be used to make furniture.Imagine a kitchen island with a huge ceramic tile (the same as your backsplash for an even bigger effect!) or even the countertop of your bathroom furniture.You could also make a kitchen table with a large tile. You could be even bolder and use XL ceramic tiles as exterior siding for your home for example. On the other hand, make sure you have tiles that are resistant to temperature fluctuations since not all ceramics are frost resistant and made to be installed outside the house. 

In the end, what is important to know is that you should not be afraid to opt for large format ceramics. They are impressive and redefine the effect of grandeur both inside and outside the house. In addition to minimizing the joints due to their size, they will provide an aesthetics all their own. Above all, they will make joint maintenance easier! There is nothing positive about using large format tiles, except that the larger their size, the more fragile they are. So, notice to the clumsy ones, think twice before taking a large format tile if you are alone ;)!