Your Renovations: How to Make Them Successful!

It is increasingly common to take care of your own home renovations. However, renovating a room in your house or renovations of any type are no laughing matter. Heed our advice and you can prevent them from turning into a nightmare. 


Ensure that you have any permits required by your city before beginning your renovations. Note that a permit is not required for all types of renovations and the time required to obtain permits varies from city to city So, check with your city hall about what types of renovations require a permit and how long it will take to obtain one. 


Certain renovations are more profitable than others when reselling a house. Depending on why you are renovating, this is important to keep in mind. If you are renovating before selling your house in a couple of months, prioritize spaces that will bring you a good return on investment, meaning the kitchen, bathroom, roof, and doors and windows. 


You should obviously do renovations that make you happy first, though they should not be something that only you will like. Think about future buyers, whether or not you plan to sell your house in the near future. Personalize your home, but don’t limit the pool of potential buyers. 

Tip #4:

Look at the houses around yours, they are a good comparative and an excellent indicator of potential revenue. Compare the cost of selling your home versus the cost of any planned renovations, and the profit you could make. If you are thinking about costly renovations but you would not be able to sell your house at a high enough price to recoup your investment according to the housing prices around you, you won’t come out ahead. This method helps you to better evaluate the appropriate amount to invest and ensures that you will get the highest possible return on investment.

 Tip#5 :

Do not hesitate to talk to professionals before starting your project, whether areal estate agent, a contractor, or an interior designer. These people are the most qualified to bring you up to speed about market trends and guide your choices in order to achieve a better final result. 


Do your research before choosing a contractor. There are many horror stories about the wrong choice of contractor, and you don’t want yours to be one of them. Ask those around you if they know someone, or if they have references. Ask for more than one quote and make sure that you compare apples with apples. One quote could be lower than the others, but doesn’t include the purchase of certain materials or parts or the labour. 


Ensure that you have a contract in proper and due form. The contract should contain all of the information related to the renovation, be it the deadline, the schedule, the steps, the suppliers, the working hours, the use of material, any special clauses, what is and is not included. In short, the contract should not leave any room for doubt or interpretation.


Everyone involved in the project must respect their schedule. For example, if the contractor asked you to purchase something for a specific date, make sure that you have the item for that date. Since all the tasks have been specifically planned, everyone must respect their role. Someone may be blocked if someone else hasn’t done what they were supposed to do. So, to ensure a project goes smoothly, make sure that deadlines are respected. 


Having a good relationship with your contractor will greatly facilitate the work and allow you to be kept up to date about how things are going and any unexpected expenses.It will especially help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises! 


Don’t play the ostrich and keep your head in the sand. Renovating is one of the most challenging things to take on. It is noisy and demanding: work starts early, it is messy and chaotic, etc. Your patience will be tested, but stay zen, the result will be worth it!