Designing Your Room: A Must

Who would have thought that a well laid out, beautifully decorated room would have an influence on sleep? Well, it’s true. Why do you think that you sleep better at a hotel? While it is true that they often have incredible mattresses, pillows, cushions and sheets, there’s more to it than that. 

Let’s start with colour: if there is one space where colour is important, it is definitely in the bedroom. Since it is a space intended for sleep, it must be soothing.However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be drab. You can choose pale colour sand add accents with wall coverings or tiles for example. Soothing doesn’t mean boring; get inspired and create a décor that reflects your personality.

 It is also important to have proper window coverings. Sleeping in a room without curtains will affect the quality of your sleep. Curtains aren’t just for looks, they also block light and cold to promote better sleep. 

Did you know that your bed shouldn’t be placed any which way in a room? Ideally, it should be placed against a wall and not face a door or window (this can perturb your sleep). By placing it against a wall, you can create a unique, custom-made headboard. Hexagonal, or patterned wall tiles, or even leather tiles will add character to your headboard. You have a multitude of possibilities to choose from. 

Bedroom design also includes floor coverings. The floor in a bedroom is as important as the other elements. Since we spend a third of our day there, it is essential to have a floor with a material, colour and texture that you like, which is both durable and comfortable. Whether you prefer tiles, carpet, or wood, choose flooring that you like. It should be no surprise that the most common floor covering in bedrooms is wood. It is a favourite due to its warmth and coziness, which is relaxing and restful. It is durable, versatile, timeless and allergy free. Tiles are also a good option for bedrooms. People who catch a chill easily wouldn’t say that, since tiles can be cold on the feet. However, if you love tiles, and absolutely want them in your bedroom, think about installing a heated floor. You could also add an area carpet to add a pop of colour to the floor, or simply for the comfort it provides when you get out of bed.