Enjoy the sleek look of a wood floor with this richly finished coating.
$1.19 / pied carré

IMPORTANT: It is possible that the price displayed online can differ from the price displayed in stores. The in-store price takes precedence over the online price.

Quantity of vinyl planks and tiles needed

Before starting your project, make sure you know the quantity of material you will need. Here's how to calculate it :

  1. Determine the area to be covered in square feet.
  2. Add about 5% to cover wastage. Factors such the pattern size may lead to wastage. 3. The larger the room, the less waste there will be.
  3. Multiply this number by the price per square foot, adding installation costs, if any.
  4. Have your calculations checked by an expert before ordering. This first step just helps you establish a budget.

Advantages of vinyl floors

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quiet
  • Wide choice of colours and textures
  • You can stand on vinyl floors for long periods without getting back, leg, or knee problems.
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More Information
Color Wisconsin V1653
Type of packaging Roll
Styles Wood
Installation Glued, Floating
Width 13'


Care and maintenance of vinyl floors

Vinyl floors don’t need waxing or polishing. Just sweep and wash once in a while using a vinyl cleaner.


Don’t use detergent, abrasive cleaners, or products applied with a mop.

Don’t use vacuums with beater bars (electric brooms); they could damage the surface.

Don’t use abrasive scrubbers.

Don’t move heavy furniture or appliances immediately after installation. The adhesive needs several days to dry completely and your casters could cause permanent damage. If you must move heavy objects, lift them or put down pieces of plywood to distribute the weight.

In case of damage or if luxury vinyl loses its shine :
Wipe up food, liquid, or other spills as soon as possible. Remove dry residue with a clean cloth soaked in a floor cleaner and stripper recommended by the manufacturer (e.g., New Beginning by Armstrong).
Wash the floor with the cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer (e.g., Once'n Done by Armstrong) or a similar no-rinse cleaner.