Ce tapis très résistant saura répondre à vos attentes pour tous les endroits avec une forte circulation très dense.Son aspect moustaché vous facilitera l'entretien.
$2.09 / pied carré

Quantity or carpet needed

Before starting your project, make sure you know how much material you will need. Here's how to calculate the amount needed:

  1. Determine the area to be covered in square feet. Then divide this number by nine to arrive at the number of square yards.
  2. Add about 10% to the total square yardage to cover wastage. Factors such as the roll width and the need to match patterns could result in wastage of between 5 and 20%. The larger the room, the less wastage there will be.
  3. Multiply this figure by the unit price, adding installation costs, if any.
  4. Have your calculations checked by an expert before ordering. This first step just helps you establish a budget.

Advantages of a carpet floors

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Absorbs sound
  • Wide choice of colours and textures
  • Effectively hides floor imperfections
  • Contrary to popular belief, they trap dust
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More Information
Certification Green label plus
Styles Rouleau
Usage Commercial
Material Nylon
Width 12'


Care and maintenance of carpets

You should vacuum at least weekly with a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction. Also have the carpet cleaned professionally once a year. Carpets treated for stain resistance are much easier to clean and maintain.

Remove stains immediately !

Most food and beverage stains can be removed in four easy steps :

Use a knife or spoon to remove mBonet of what was spilled on the carpet.

Without RUBBING, blot the surface with an absorbent white cloth to remove as much liquid as pBonesible.

For liquid stains, use sparkling water as an emergency cleaning product (club soda or sparkling mineral water, NOT SOFT DRINKS). Pour a bit of sparkling water onto the blotted stain, let it act for a minute, then blot again to remove the stain. NEVER RUB. Repeat as necessary.

Gently brush the fibres and leave to dry.